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15 Scandi Rooms Nailing the Natural Wood Trend

We scoured the Internet for Scandi rooms that are making the natural wood trend sing in the chicest way possible, and not only did we find some gems, but we’re now fully convinced that this trend is made for a minimalist aesthetic.
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Contemporary Watercolour Interiors and How to Use Them In Your Home

If you're ready to give your home a much needed splash of fresh colour, you've come to the right place. Here's everything you need to know about this contemporary watercolour interiors.
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Revealed: The Worst Interior Design Mistakes (That You Might Just Be Making)

Redesigning and decorating your living space is a fabulous way to see in the new season and give your home a fresh, new lease of life. But wait, before you rush out and buy endless tins of paint, there's a few things that you really need to know.
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10 Spring Colour Trends You’re About to See Everywhere

Spring is *finally* on the horizon, which means a lot of people are looking for new ways to update their home for the season. These colour trends are particularly compelling after a long dark winter because they’re directly inspired by the hues you'd find in the very best of sunsets.
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Is Wallpaper A Good Solution To Bathroom Design?

Thanks to the overwhelming need to introduce personal touch to the bathroom area of one’s home as well as inspirational home design magazines and blogs, wallpaper has been at the top of the game.

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