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Summer Shades In A Minimal Home

As the weather brightens around us, it has a somewhat remarkable effect on the way we see the world. Yes, in these warmer months, there's an undeniable urge to mimic the lively themes within our own homes.

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Charlotte Grainger
July 22, 2017


However, if you happen to have a minimal style abode, the idea of summer colour scheme ideas may well be a little daunting. There’s just so many ‘what ifs’ to consider here. What if the shades look overbearing? What if you don’t get the palette exactly right?

Well, calm your nerves. What if it just works? There are ways in which you can include these colourful summer tones in your home no matter what. Here are some interior design tips that will help you do just that.


Summer In Your Living Space

If you’re looking for a complete overhaul, the living room may well be the safest place to start. After all, this is the central hub of the home; the place where the family unit really does come together.

With that in mind, it should also be the liveliest space in the house — both in terms of atmosphere and decor. What’s more, you don’t have to be completely OTT to introduce a few summer shades into the room.


Via My Scandinavian Home Blog


Stripped back style doesn’t always have to be monotone. So, when it comes to planning modern colour schemes, you don’t want to overlook creative summer shades.

Using lighter and paler tones of classic popping colours could make all the difference. Take the faded blue of the furnishings, along with the delicate pink of the flowers in this living room from the My Scandinavian Home blog. Combined with one another, these two elements uplift the space in an instant.


Via Home Designing


This Scandi style living space from Home Designing has aptly used colour while maintaining a level of minimalism… but how? Well, you only have to look at the furnishings to find out. In truth, there’s a synchronicity here that’s doing all the hard work.

By keeping the majority of the furniture relatively plain, the designer has managed to keep things looking simple and clean. That right there has afforded them the chance to really play around and experiment with colour, including playful pops of bright yellow.


Via Reno Guide


Whilst you can opt for a range of colours that work together in harmony, here’s another way that you may choose to go. Picking out one key colour, such as a soft summer-centric pink, could be the way forward for your living space, as seen in this living room from Reno Guide.

It’s worth noticing how small elements, such as the flowers here, mirror the central colour palette perfectly. When you’re considering colour scheme ideas, ensure that you keep in mind the tiny details too.


Via My Warehouse Home


If you’re lucky enough to be working with a vast space that includes high ceilings and large window sets, your scope for creativity will be eternal. There are many colour schemes for living rooms that will work well, as shown here by My Warehouse Home, so you should have no problem.

In keeping the rest of the space quite plain, the designer has had the chance to highlight certain features in a plush subdued colour. The tones are seasonal and yet don’t completely change the overall appearance of the space.


Let The Art Speak For Itself

Should the idea of giving your space a complete revamp send shivers down your spine, here’s another way you could include colour in your home decor. The introduction of some artwork into your living rooms will always be a welcome one. After all, what’s life without art? Nothing.

The key to achieving a stylish and unassuming look here is choosing pieces that reflect aspects of the room. While your colour scheme ideas may be basic, you can still highlight features with ease. Check out some examples here.


Via Plum Pretty Sugar


There’s no rule that says you can’t have multiple pieces of art on your wall. When you’re working with a bold, daring piece, you need to be keen to keep the rest of the decor fairly muted. Still, you can note a few complementing summer shades in the furnishings here from Plum Pretty Sugar.

What’s more, the artfully arranged coffee table, complete with magazines and books, gives the area a much-needed splash of colour. This design trick is well-used and with good reason!


Via Simply Grove


Moving on, here’s another example from Simply Grove in which the designer has dared to use softer summer shades within a minimal room. The chair set already assumes much of your attention, but wait, there’s another eye-catching point of interest here.

The gallery wall has been carefully curated to give the impression that it’s chaotic. In reality, it’s highly organised and to great effect. Each stand-out colour in the artwork pieces suits the palette of the room overall. Cleverly done.


Via ShockBlast


You may well choose that art is the dominant force in one of the rooms of your home. This style of decor suits creative types who also have a penchant for minimal themes too.

Colourful, oversized art pieces can sometimes seem like a leap of faith. After all, how on earth can you be certain that they will work?

If you use them in the right space, i.e. in a space where there’s not much else happening, they can serve as an exquisite piece. Let your own sense of artistic spirit determine what you select, like in this living room from ShockBlast.


Via Instagram @dwellmagazine


Dare to go for an utterly muted home colour selection? Then you will have a load of ways you can spice things up a little. Using both artwork and some impactful neon lighting, here’s a picture taken by Christopher Sturman for Dwell Magazine that takes centre stage.

For many, the notion of including plush pink in any room is a little too much to handle. However, when it comes in a neon package, the whole idea of the colour changes. It’s no longer ultra feminine; it’s a space aged masterpiece.



Accessorise with Summer Colours

Once again, it’s worth remembering that you don’t need some brand new colour scheme ideas to pay homage to the summer months. Instead, you could simply highlight areas of your home with some key pieces, namely home accessories.

Whether it’s draping a blanket over your sofa or just including some well-positioned cushions, there are many ways to pull this one off. The idea is to shake up your home colour selection in a temporary yet meaningful way.


Via Immy + Indi


Here’s an example from Immy + Indi of how both art and accessories can work in sync to create a fully finished room design. While the base scheme here is based around variations of white and beige, there are other tones at play too.

By merely including some plush, pastel colours in the room, you can create a minimal yet playful space. The art mimics the colours here too, which ties the entire aesthetic together. The light and breezy end result is beyond words.


Via The Design Files


Similarly, you can carry this style throughout multiple rooms. Modern colour schemes don’t just have to apply to one area of the home. If you have an open-plan living space, there needn’t be an end to the trend.

You can thread them throughout the space by using key anchor points. Each splash of colour in this living room from The Design Files is reminiscent of something else in the space; the cushions mirror the pictures and so on throughout the various rooms.


Via Full Focus


In case you haven’t heard, one of the hottest colour trends for summer 2017 has to be rose pink. You will see this tone on everything from catwalks to interiors. Of course, it’s the latter we want to focus on here.

While, sure, you don’t want to paint your entire house in this palette, you could include it in a softer, more subtle way. Picking out features, such as blankets and the like, in this tone should do all the hard work for you as you can see in this living room from Full Focus.


Via Decouvrir Design


Sticking with that gorgeous rose pink summer shade, Decouvrir Design shows another way in which you may want to include it within your interiors. Notice how the flamingo artwork dips its hat to the rest of the colours throughout the room.

Interestingly enough, you will find that metallic tones work with soft colours like this one. Including a couple of key features here as well will give the room a fantastically modern twist.



Feature Slices of Colour

If your home already has a definitive identity, you don’t want to mess around with that too much. That’s why adding a few slices of colour into the space may work. It won’t ruin the minimal vibe but could give the room a real facelift.

The first step here is looking for spaces in which you can add a little colour here and there. You may find that the alcoves of your rooms need uplifting or perhaps your reading nook could work. Take a look at these inspirational designs and suss out your potential options.


Via Fiona Lynch


Book shelves and alcoves are so often overlooked, which is a real pity. These hidden away spaces can make for genius colour features with little effort required on your part.

You may wish to use some of the modern colour schemes and summer shades in these areas. By adding a splash of creative tones to a shelving unit you suddenly create an unexpected work of art, as seen here by Fiona Lynch.


Via French Fancy


Feeling a little more creative? Your window dressing doesn’t have to be plain or ordinary. With a minimal setting as the backdrop, you can have a go at adding some vibrant colour to the area.

This off-left block of lime green may never have crossed your mind, but, as you can see in this French Fancy bedroom, it works to create a vibrant look against the paler background.


Via Fala Atelier


Often needlessly perceived as ‘cold’ colours, blues and yellows can work in harmony in an otherwise modest room. The two make for a summer-style palette which doesn’t need much fuss to work.

Notice Fala Atelier‘s bold move of including a completely yellow furnishing in the room. While it never once takes away from the stylish feel of the space, it draws attention instantly.


Via David Hotson


Without a doubt, reading nooks are the ideal place to experiment with colour shades. When you’re considering your home colour selection, but sure to think outside the box on this one.

The point is that you want to make the space truly stand out while still being right for the area. The pale lime green colour choice here by David Hotson is genius; screaming serenity and relaxation. Nothing could be more fitting.


Make a Colourful Statement

Want to really make a statement here? Remember, ‘minimal’ is by no means synonymous with ‘boring’. So, finally, here are a couple of ways in which you can allow the summer shades vibe to be at the very core of your interior design.

The idea is pretty simple; you want to pick out a couple of striking pieces within the room. Modern colour schemes are built on the notion of grabbing an audience’s attention. Here’s how you can do just that.


Via Hut Architecture


Using the grey palette as the background, the designer has created an uncomplicated space here. Sure, this renovation by Hut Architecture digresses from traditional colour schemes for living rooms but therein lies its beauty.

The colour is selective here. Only the lamp and chairs here standout in a truly noticeable way. They are eccentric colour choices. The warmth of the orange tone gives off serious summer vibes. It’s honestly an incredibly fearless look.




In the same vein as the last example, here’s a quick lesson in modern colour schemes. Once more, we’re seeing the grey base being used as a background palette in this living room by Milou Nieuwenhuis. The reason is simple; it means you have free reign over the rest of the room.

The first thing you will notice is the glorious juxtaposition of the petrol blue accents against the grey base. The designer has taken this to the very next level, including a feature wall in the same shade to create a fluid look. Magnificent.

And there you have it — the very best seasonal inspiration in a nutshell. So, what do you think? Will you be including some summer shades in your living space this season?


Charlotte Grainger

Charlotte Grainger

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