Small Space Living: 25 Design Tricks
To Enhance Small Homes

Do you have a smaller home that lacks storage space? If so, you may fall victim to the ever-dreaded issue of clutter. It’s hard to adore an abode that’s hidden under your many worldly belongings. So, let’s do something about it.

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Charlotte Grainger
September 17, 2016

Luckily for you, there are many simple design tricks for smaller spaces that will make your home feel more spacious whilst also adding a certain pizazz. Here at Nyde we’re passionate about home decor, and so we’ve compiled a list of the greatest small space living design ideas just for you.


Opt for quarter-sized furnishings

Small space living: quarter-sized side table in bright orange
Via Pinterest

Not only are quarter-sized units on trend right now, but they also save you a few precious inches here and there. If you’re hoping to minimise the floor space your furnishings take up, these petite furniture pieces are just ideal. Choose a bold, bright colour and intensify the effect of this feature piece.


Invest in multifunctional pieces

Small space living: multi-purpose pool table
Via Pinterest

When choosing furnishings for your home, consider investing in a few choice multifunctional pieces. By subtly combining both work and play, this desk-cum-pool-table offers real value. Plus, as an added bonus, the minimalist style is reminiscent of Scandi design.


Take a peek under the stairs

Small space living: drawers under stairs

Beneath your stairs, you’ll find a wealth of wasted space. When refurbishing your home, why not consider making use of it? Turning your steps into drawers will entirely transform your home storage game, whilst creating a truly unique look.


Duplicate your surfaces

Small space living: platform stand over sink
Via Buzzfeed

In areas that tend to amass a great deal of clutter, such as your countertops, this design trick will allow you to double your storage space. Independently standing shelving units create whole new surfaces in an instant. Elevating some of your necessities will prevent clutter.


Create a feature corner

Small space living: bookshelf feature corner
Via Apartment Therapy

Rather than looking unkempt, there are ways in which your trinkets can actually be something of a feature. Focussing your attention on just one condensed area, such as a small corner, makes an attractive accent in any room.


Hang in there

Small space living: hanging pots and pans in kitchen
Via Buzzfeed

Let’s take things into the kitchen for a moment. Your greatest foes in this room are those pesky pots and pans. They are somewhat impossible to store away neatly. Instead of battling with them each day, install a hanging unit to keep them in order.


Quit wasting space

Small space living: storage under bed
Via Blogspot

This is the golden rule when it comes to small space living. You really cannot afford to waste space. This paneled storage unit doubles as a rather cosy-looking bed. What’s more, the lighting wall fixture is entirely versatile and can be moved flush against the wall.


Create petite compartments

Small space living: compartments under stairs
Via Pinterest

This brilliant design trick can become something of a centrepiece in any home. A whole host of small storage compartments is better than one large unit. Create a variety of drawers and small spaces, in which you can neatly store your belongings.


Expose your wardrobe

Small space living: exposed wardrobes
Via Smitten Studio

While traditional wooden wardrobes tend to eclipse rooms, essentially making them look smaller than they are, an exposed rail creates the illusion of more space. You may simply want to install a hanging rail or invest in a stylish, mobile piece like this one.


Consider a compact dining unit

Small space living: compact dining unit
Via Home Edit

This is a truly genius way in which you can maximise your floor space without having to compromise on functionality. Compact dining features are truly versatile since they can be packed away into a chic, yet flexible table unit.


Accentuate your alcoves

Small space living: use space in alcoves
Via SFGirlBay

Leaving your alcoves bare is a big design mistake. Many people think that they can make more space by doing so, but it surprisingly has the opposite effect. Create a beautiful feature piece, using trinkets and ornaments, within your alcoves. You won’t regret it.


Opt for an Ottoman bed

Small space living: ottoman bed
Via Pinterest

Perhaps one of the simplest design ideas when it comes to small space living; the Ottoman bed. Effortlessly combining an extensive storage unit with a comfortable, functional double bed, there’s a whole lot to love here.


Elevate your shoe rack

Small space living: elevated copper shoe rack
Via Apartment Therapy

This refurbished copper piping shoe rack is the epitome of industrial chic and will especially complement smaller spaces. If you’re a shoe-lover, rather than allowing your footwear to pile up, an elevated rack draws the eye upwards.


Add a hidden countertop

Small space living: hidden kitchen countertop
Via Pinterest

If you’re passion for cooking is stunted by an annoyingly small kitchen, this design trick is certain to appeal. You could transform an unused drawer into a hidden countertop; the easiest way to make the most of your small space.


Fold it away

Small space living: fold away table and bench
Via Twitter

Foldable furnishings are just perfect for those looking to enhance their less than spacious homes. When it comes to small space living, functionality is key, and you really cannot go wrong with pieces such as these.


Be completely transparent

Small space living: glass shower
Via Pinterest

Opaque furnishings will only ever make your abode look smaller than it is by obstructing your view. Wherever possible, invest in full-glass pieces, which emphasise the space you already have.


Hide those electronics

Small space living: hidden electronic drawer with built-in charging station
Via Dreaming in DIY

There’s nothing wrong with being a bit of a technology buff, however wires, cables, and plugs will only make your home appear chaotic. Instead of leaving them out in the open, conceal them within a drawer complete with a built-in charging station.


Minimise your workspace

Small space living: minimal desk
Via Design Sponge

In lieu of a study or even a full-sized desk, consider a completely compact work space for your home. This desk-cum-shelving unit is entirely unobtrusive, yet really very practical for home workers.


Meet the mezzanine bed

Small space living: mezzanine bed
Via Twitter

When living in a studio, the bed can often dominate the room, leaving little space for anything else. Why not consider a contemporary mezzanine bed? This design idea gives you more floor space while still offering a practical living environment.

Make things mobile

Small space living: dual-tier side table
Via Vtwonen

This dual-tier side table makes for an essential storage piece in your home. One clever little feature of this particular piece is that it’s mobile, meaning you can usher it from room to room with ease.


Try out of sight shelving

Small space living: shelving in larder cupboard
Via Pinterest

Of course, the most obvious storage solution in small space living is shelving. Unfortunately, too many of these units can start to look disorderly fast. Hence, you must never underestimate the value of hidden shelving in small homes; it makes all the difference.


Upcycle a rustic rack

Small space living: upcycle wooden ladder
Via Pinterest

If you’re handy with a paintbrush, this is an intriguing DIY project you may wish to try for yourself. Just take an old wooden ladder, and then strip and paint it, for this bold, rustic clothes rack.


Experiment with space

Small space living: layered bunk beds
Via Karakae James

Creativity is key when it comes to enhancing small living spaces. If you’re willing to experiment with innovative ideas, it will honestly enrich the room that you have within your home. Take these three bunk beds, for example; they’re aptly positioned to make the most of a tiny area.


Divide and conquer

Via Pinterest

Struggling with storage options? When it comes to drawer unit and even cupboards, dividers can revolutionise the way you order your items. If you’d like to try this for yourself, you can create your own dividers using some recycled wood or even sanded-down plasterboard.


Create a reading nook

Small space living: reading nook pastel pink
Via Decor Pad

Finally, finding comfort in a small living space doesn’t have to be as impossible as it may seem. Though you may not have the room for an entire reading room, you will certainly have space for a cosy, little nook. A comfy window seat will give you space to sit, ponder the world, and, of course, read your favourite novel.


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