15 Rooms That Prove the Round
Mirror Trend is Here to Stay

Kelly Weimert
October 30, 2017

Interior design trends can take all kinds of surprising, interesting, and even overwhelming turns.

Some seasons see bold colours and vivacious patterns rise in popularity while others are taken over by subdued neutrals and soothing shapes.

Then there are trends that are more based in overall aesthetics, like the minimalist design phenomenon that’s taken over so many homes in recent times.

The point is, there’s no limit to the sorts of shapes, styles, and textures that can make their way into the mainstream design scene.

And while we love all of the variation, we also know it can be overwhelming if you want to integrate some fresh trendy ideas but the mustard yellow hue that might be so popular doesn’t align with your style sensibility.

That’s precisely why we’re so head-over-heels for the space-expanding, light-reflecting round mirror trend that’s everywhere of late.

These mirrors have a knack for enhancing any and every design, no matter your aesthetic leanings. And they can work interior magic when it comes to defining unusual spaces, adding visual intrigue, and uplifting cramped quarters.

But you needn’t take our word for it. Check out these amazing rooms that prove the round mirror trend is one with staying power.


1. Define an Entryway

Entryways are notoriously difficult to style. Unless, of course, you have a mirror like this one from Homey Oh My to build your look around.


2. Add a Touch of Sophistication to Your Whimsy

If you love a whimsical design but want to ensure it retains a sense of sophistication like this example from The Glitter Guide, then meet your new style solution.

3. Make it a Centerpiece

One of the things we love most about these mirrors is their unique ability to center a look. Their round shape is basically a magnet for other accents to gravitate around, as you can see here from Brittany Robertson.


4. Fill an Empty Corner

Nothing drags down a design more than a look that appears empty or unfinished. Fortunately, this trend is perfect for filling up any vacant area with effortless style, just look at this example from Curated Interior.


5. Complement a Feminine Feel

The soft round curves of these mirrors make them a stunning complement to a quiet feminine aesthetic like this one from Summer Adams.


6. Enhance Your Colour Palette

This trend features myriad styles, finishes, and hues you can work with, so don’t be afraid to opt for one in a unique colour like this one from Home Polish to complement your palette.


7. Make Awkward Spaces More Intentional

What would otherwise be an awkward corner is made to look intentional and inviting thanks to the simple addition of this idea. If you’re looking for a way to fill an awkward space, look no further than this example from Casa Claudia.


8. Design a Bold Bathroom

Like we said, this trend comes in a wide range of styles and colours, and an inky black-bordered mirror like this one from New Darlings just might be the trendy edge your bathroom is waiting for.


9. Maximise Your Minimalism

How chic is this minimal entryway design from These Four Walls Blog? The integration of the mirror makes this space more dynamic and cohesive without crowding its appearance.


10. Make Your Own Vanity

The space-defining quality and elegant design of this trend makes it perfect for creating a makeshift vanity wherever you have room. Just add a table and a few accents like these from The Southern Style Guide and you’re good to go!



11. Don’t Be Afraid to Go Big

The beauty of a round mirror is that its subtle inviting shape allows you to play with different sizes without overwhelming a design. So don’t shy away from making a big statement with something like this from Sketch42.


12. Showcase Your Favourite Decor

A mirror does more than simply enhance a design on its own; it also showcases your other decor by literally reflecting more of it. The greenery here from Hadley Court is made all the more striking thanks to the dynamic integration of this trend.


13. Bring Shape to a Basic Style

If you subscribe to a simple, pared-back style, then let a round mirror add a quiet dose of shape and movement to your minimal aesthetic like this example from Homey Oh My.


14. Behold its Striking Potential

We don’t even have the words to convey just how glamorous the mirror makes this gorgeous space from Interior Style Hunter, so instead we’ll just humbly admire this display of interior perfection.


15. Curate a Contemporary Canvas

Despite their timeless quality, there’s also something so fresh and modern about these mirrors, as you can see here from Design Sponge. Integrate one (or several) into your design for an instant pop of contemporary style.


Kelly Weimert

Kelly Weimert

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