How to Mix Patterns
in Your Interiors

Mixing prints is one of the hottest interior trends of 2017, but much like in fashion, can feel like an artful alchemy that’s too complex to embark upon.

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Sarena Shetty
July 29, 2017


Mixing prints is one of the hottest interior trends of 2017, but much like in fashion, can feel like an artful alchemy that’s too complex to embark upon.

However, if you love colour and long to inject personality into your home then it’s one of the easiest trends to get on board with. Be daring and mix it up with these top tips!

Patterned Walls

Wallpaper is one of the simplest ways to introduce a bold pattern into your interiors. Choose one dominant print as a strong base and mix your patterns around this. Here, Barker and Stonehouse very cleverly pair the graphic wallpaper with patterned accessories for a pulled together look.


Barker and Stonehouse


Watercolour walls are the next big thing in interiors and act as the perfect backdrop for the mixed pattern look. Here you can see the flawless interplay between pattern sizes and colours brought together under the ombre blend in Real Homes Magazine.


Real Homes Magazine



Accent rugs

A beautiful patterned rug, like this one from SheerLuxe, will transform a space and anchor your mixed pattern aesthetic. Choose a print that will act as the foundation colour for you to build upon.


This large geometric print rug from The Lovely Drawer is contemporary yet subtle, providing an excellent anchor point for a mixed pattern living room aesthetic. Teamed with accent cushions in the same palette to create a gorgeous look. The geometric and mix pattern trend nailed in one.


The Lovely Drawer



Monochrome prints

Timeless and elegant, monochrome prints can be employed in so many ways for this trend. This simple striped rug from Decoration Love is perfectly paired with the subtle check print on the sofa. Simple, chic and sophisticated this is mixed patterns with a grown-up feel.


With a pared back palette you can go all out with your prints. Top tip – when working with monochrome mix up your shapes. The striking black and white stripes teamed with the circular pattern on the throw creates a visually stimulating scene that’s completely modern and super stylish.


When using thick black and white stripes try inverting the colours. Here this striped rug from Lusseo is complimented by the thin black lines on the bed linen to create a cohesive and peaceful aesthetic.




If you want to mix your patterns but can’t face going all in, then a great way is to build up textures in different patterns – perfect for Scandinavian interior schemes.

This bedroom from Hand Picked By Kate takes a neutral palette and builds layers of patterns on this. Try cosy rugs, fabrics and cushions paired with woods all with a different pattern. Bring together taupe, cream and black for a calm and serene look.


Another top tip is to pick prints that share a colour. Choose a dominant print match the accessories to that colour, like the purple accessories from Freshome.




What better base for mixed patterns than a neutral canvas? Start with stark white walls and build from there. A great way to warm a cold interior, patterns allow you to get creative and express yourself – completely transforming a room into a cool, contemporary and chic living space that feels like home.


Mixed patterns, textures and neutrals in one living room – the perfect masterclass! Simple chic and cosy – layering is the key here.



Play with scale

Mix large and small prints for a sure-fire winning look. Here the large print of the rug perfectly complements the smaller accent prints scattered around this living room from Murals Wallpaper. Chic, elegant and eclectic!


Murals Wallpaper


The large floral print acts as a gorgeous backdrop allowing smaller prints to seamlessly blend together. The diluted watercolour shades of this dominant print from Murals Wallpaper allow you to experiment with colour and style – so long as you stick to a smaller scale.


Choose your palette and stick to it

If you’re still daunted by the prospect of mixing patterns effectively then the simplest piece of advice is to stick to one palette. Much like with monochromes and neutrals, using the same colours is guaranteed to work. A cheat’s way of obtaining the look with all the associated kudos.

This living room from Idealista sticks to a blue base, you can still choose large clashing prints but the looks is cohesive and coherent.


This gorgeous blue and taupe colour palette from John Lewis works to create a calm and serene living room. The herringbone rug and pops of blue pattern on the cushions and throws works to create a stylish look that will stand the test of time.


Patterns make a room pop and once you’ve mastered the art of mixing, it will take your interiors to the next level. The real fun of playing with patterns is to stick with pieces that you love, then feel free to bend the rules.


Sarena Shetty

Sarena Shetty

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