Style Insight: How to Create
a Mid-Century Modern Home

If you love the idea of pared down forms, contemporary patterns, and bridging the organic world with the man-made, this style could be for you.

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Amber Moore
June 8, 2017


Structurally, mid-century modern homes tend to be open plan and use alternative room dividers such as central fireplaces in living rooms. This makes the space feel larger and allows light to be bounced around the rooms unrestricted.


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Other structural features common in mid-century modern homes are marble counter tops and splashbacks. The marble was initially intended to look expensive and modern, however now it is simply an elegant and hardwearing choice for countertops.


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Laminate flooring was a must-have during the mid 20th century, so has been carried on via mid-century modern style. It is resistant to damage and affordable, whilst still looking just as expensive as hardwood flooring.


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Colour schemes

Mid-century modern colour schemes tend to combine white and pale neutral walls with bold, colourful accents. The pale walls accentuate any bold features to the room, making them appear more expensive and luxurious. The accents must be bright and contrast against the neutral walls – pastels would not have the same effect.


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However, the birth of the accent wall was also in the mid 20th century, so it is another common feature of this décor. It was incredibly popular to feature accent walls with bold graphic prints or bright colours.


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Traditionally mustard yellow, moss green and tangerine orange are seen as the main accent colours in mid-century modern décor. They can even be combined if you’re really trying to emulate the 60’s in your home.



When it comes to mid-century modern furniture, embrace wood. Wood is the go-to material for furniture from this era. You can easily find this sort of furniture by looking through vintage shops or even flea markets, and up-cycle anything in need of love.


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The beauty of mid-century modern style is that the furniture doesn’t even have to match exactly. You can easily get away with mismatched furniture that you have picked up over the years, as long as they fit your colour scheme.


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Typically, the furniture includes bold fabrics with graphic patterns and clean lines. However mid-century modern sofas tend not to patterned, so you can instead choose to include patterned cushions to continue the style.


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A popular choice of furniture to really make your living room feel like you’ve stepped into the 60’s are the iconic egg chairs. They are, to this day, a symbol of chic sophistication and charm, and are now more affordable to have in your own home.


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To express your personality through art whilst still keeping with the mid-century modern style, you should opt for big, bold expensive statement canvases that are intended to be the focus of the room.

They can feature contemporary art or even retro pieces – it doesn’t matter! If you identify the main colours in the piece, you can then incorporate that as your accent colour throughout the room, tying your colour scheme together.


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A subtler way of including artistic touches in you mid-century modern décor is the use of pendant light shades and lamps, or creative mirror frames. These are timeless features of this era that add a little creativity to your home.


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When choosing the lighting for your mid-century modern home, don’t try to be subtle. The lighting features throughout this style are always bold and creative.


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Lighting from this era tends to consistently be hanging lights (as opposed to wall mounted or contemporary down lighters) with an artistic purpose. The use of multiple lamps is also encouraged, whether they be floor lamps or table lamps. Tripod floor lamps fit in well with this style of décor.


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Mid-century modern décor tends not to have an abundance of accessories as it has little clutter and focuses more on big, expensive statement pieces of furniture over smaller, cheaper knick-knacks. There’s instead minimal simple vintage accessories in particular places such as the coffee table.


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A fancy living room/dining room addition is a bar cart. You can fill this with liquor and cocktail shakers for entertaining guests with class … or just at the end of a hard day!


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