Manhattan Makeover: Loft Style Inspiration

Amber Moore
September 21, 2017


With a population over 8.5 million, it’s no surprise that architects and interior designers look to utilise every inch of space to create stylish and cutting-edge homes by converting old industrial buildings into habitable abodes.

This style trend for chic and swanky loft conversions has brought industrial, minimalistic and rustic trends to the forefront of the interior design world. With a stripped-back and unconventional interior, loft style has so much to offer, but it doesn’t just have to be restricted to New York.

If you fancy bringing a little NYC aesthetic into your home, then we’re here to give you all the inspiration you need to achieve a stunning look.

Go back to basics

Image via Neptune


A huge part of the urban, industrial style is stripping things back to their basic state – think exposed brick, metal pipes and wooden beams. If you live in a period property, why not strip back to the original floorboards or exposed brickwork to create an eye-catching focal point?

In the bathroom, utilise bathroom tiles to match the pared-back aesthetic of this style or complement an exposed brick wall in kitchens with wooden worktops and distressed cabinets.

Of course, this isn’t always possible with modern properties, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still achieve loft style.

Start by choosing a neutral palette in white, cream or light grey to work with – then incorporate accent pieces, like vintage artwork and industrial-style furniture to add a rough and ready vibe.

Alternatively, you can opt for brick panels that screw to the wall or brick wallpaper to create a similar effect with minimal effort.

Keep it light and airy

Image via Coco Lapine


If you imagine Manhattan lofts, they’re typically flooded with light streaming in through large, floor to ceiling windows.

For this very reason, if you want to successfully embrace loft style into your home, make sure you keep things as light and airy as possible. Minimise window dressings by using blinds to allow more natural light to flood your room and add mirrors to reflect light around the space.

You can also enhance natural light and add enviable style with statement light fixtures hanging from the ceiling or floor lamps. These will definitely add some extra appeal to your loft style and help to soften the look, too.

Make more space

Image via The Maker Place


In areas that are typically open-plan, loft spaces work best when they’re kept uncluttered and simple – so it’s important to focus on less is more. Ensure living areas are functional and stylish with key furniture pieces taking centre-stage.

Build on this with urban inspired shelving and storage to reinforce the industrial vibe and keep things neatly stowed away in their rightful place.



Tantalise with textures

Image via Dinesen


In traditional loft conversions, you’re greeted by a myriad of different textures, from exposed brick to concrete floors and wooden beams, so it’s vital you design your space with textures in mind.

Combining rough, natural surfaces like brick and wood with smooth metal, glass and soft fabrics will create an appealing textural experience – beautifully blending utilitarian design with modern luxuries.

Mix and match your furniture

Image via &SUUS


A key part of implementing the industrial look is using recycled pieces to instantly give your room a sense of history and character. And you shouldn’t be afraid to mix things up either, choosing furniture and decorative pieces from different eras, in varying styles and materials.

In bedrooms, pair antique metal bed frames with distressed wooden dressers or add a rustic feel to your living room with worn leather chairs and a metal framed coffee table. The furniture you choose will be the focal point that leads you to a complete loft style that works for your space.

Whatever finish you’re hoping to create, remember to keep things simple, raw and eclectic to really make an impactful aesthetic.

Amber Moore

Amber Moore

Amber is a MSci Biology student at University of Southampton, and is a firm believer that pale pink goes with everything. She lives for Grey's Anatomy, beautiful Scandinavian interiors and cute puppies - or anything fluffy really!