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For many, the kitchen is the central hub of the home. It’s where you gather with family to decompress from the day; it’s where a lot of entertaining happens; and, of course, it’s where we feed our bellies. So, it’s pretty important.

Kelly Weimert
February 4, 2017

Fortunately, the kitchen trends of 2017 are taking that importance into consideration by offering clever storage solutions, minimal aesthetics, and a wide range of other design options meant to make your everyday life easier.


Black Appliances

Kitchen trends 2017 - black appliances
Image via Instagram

For the time being, long-time popular stainless steel is taking a backseat to sleek and chic black appliances. And kitchens far and wide are getting an extra dose of sophistication as a result.

In addition to contributing more visual interest with their unexpected colour, black appliances are also surprisingly easy to clean. And any trend that combines form and function is okay by us!


Brushed Brass

Kitchen trends 2017: Brushed Brass
Image via Home Bunch

Bright and shiny metals aren’t necessarily out, but their more subdued, brushed counterparts are definitely in.

If you’re looking for a simple way to update your kitchen, you just found it. Incorporating brushed brass hardware is a super easy and economical way to revamp the whole room in almost no time at all.


Custom Storage

Kitchen trends 2017: Custom Storage
Image via House Beautiful

Now, this is the kind of trend that will make your space look better and your daily life easier, so there’s basically no reason not to get on board.

Lots of people are becoming privy to the sanity-making benefits of custom storage, and kitchens everywhere are happier for it. Everything from produce to silverware to pots and pans can be made more organised and accessible by incorporating this simple solution.


Glass Cabinets

Kitchen trends 2017: Glass Cabinets
Image via Decor Pad

Improving the quality of daily life is a common thread among 2017 kitchen trends, and the popularity of glass cabinets is no exception.

Whether you go with brushed glass or transparent, incorporating these cabinets will not only look great, but it will improve the functional flow of your kitchen. It’s also an added incentive to keep those cupboards organised.


(Fifty Shades of) Grey

Kitchen trends 2017: Grey
Image via Cozy Cottage Cute

Move over beige, there’s a new neutral in town and it just so happens to carry more styling capabilities than neutrals of years’ past.

Opting to go with the highly versatile grey as your kitchen’s dominant colour will pave the way for endless decor options. And it also happens to pair perfectly with the black appliance trend we mentioned earlier.


Hidden Appliances

Kitchen trends 2017: Hidden appliances
Image via Home Bunch

With the rise of Scandinavian style, it’s no surprise that hidden appliances are popping up in the trend forecast.

Choosing to hide your major appliances is a no-fail way to minimise visual clutter and create a sense of peace and tranquility in the hub of your home.



Kitchen Trends 2017: Minimal
Image via Inside Out

Speaking of Scandinavian style, the minimalism so characteristic of it is taking over all kinds of kitchens, and they’re all tidier for it.

If you feel like you spend too much of your day straightening this space, take a page from a minimalist’s book and pare it back, leaving only the essentials. Anything extra can be put into storage until you need it.


Mixed Finishes

Kitchen Trends 2017: Mixed Finishes
Image via Appliance House

Proving that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to style and design, mixed and matched finishes are getting the trend treatment, and we’re kind of in love.

Layer up copper, silver, and brass to create a look that’s as elegant as it is dynamic.


Open Shelving

Kitchen Trends 2017: Open Shelving
Image via Earnest Home Co

You can go the glass cabinet route, or you can really show all your cards by adopting the open shelving trend.

Give your prettiest dishes the presentation they deserve by letting them do double decor duty on an open shelving unit.


Organic Materials

Kitchen Trends 2017: Organic Materials
Image via Kitchn

As technology moves full steam ahead, more and more of us are craving the healing energy of Mother Nature. And the organic materials trend is a stunning reflection of that.

Adding elements like wood, stone, and cork into your kitchen will create an aesthetically warm atmosphere that invites people to comfortably congregate after a long day.


Statement Floors

Kitchen Trends 2017: Statement Floors
Image via Country Living

If you like the impact a statement wall can make, then you’re going to love what a statement floor can do. Particularly in the kitchen.

Opting for tile in a bold pattern on the kitchen floor will eliminate the need for extra decor that’ll clutter up your workspace while it infuses a ton of personality into your design.


Hero image: Bloomingville dining, available at Nyde

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