How to Work the Geometric Trend
into a Minimalist Aesthetic

If you love a minimalist aesthetic as much as we do, then you might be skeptical about how well this season's popular geometric patterns trend can fit into a pared-back design.

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Kelly Weimert
May 9, 2017


And we totally get it — you’re going for a simple and subdued look and, by definition, geometric patterns incorporate busy lines and shapes, so they’re not typically a first thought for minimalists at heart.

But after checking out these gorgeous spaces, you’ll be plenty convinced they should be!

In fact, there might be no trend that’s better suited for a simple style sensibility than one that involves bold patterns. That’s because geometric patterns are capable of adding visual interest and compelling movement without the added decor and clutter that typically accompany those things.

So, if you’re ready to breathe new life into your space this season, then check out our tips for how to incorporate the geometric trend into your aesthetic without overwhelming it.

Patterned Pillows

Image via Sarah Sherman Samuel

Throw pillows are a perfect place to start your geometric journey.

They’re practical, which every minimalist appreciates, and they’re easily switched and swapped for when you’re ready for a new look.

Add a matching pair in geometric prints like these to deliver a dash of intrigue and satisfying symmetry to your boudoir, and we’re pretty sure you’ll rest easier at night.

Light Fixtures

Image via The Design Chaser

Want to really make this trend shine brightly? Then opt for a stunning geometric pendant light to illuminate your design and lighten up your look.

Pendant lights are most often visually compact designs that pack a majorly impactful punch.

Integrate one with geometric shapes and lines into your space for a delicate infusion of this trend that won’t be a bit overbearing.

Hanging Fabric

Image via Peg and Pencil Studio

If you have a corner or wall in your home that you can’t quite figure out what to do with, consider a natural wood ladder and hanging different tapestries on it depending on the season or your mood.

Here, a Scandi-inspired office is brought to life thanks to the incorporation of the quiet but compelling tapestry that can do double-duty as extra warmth on the chilliest of evenings.


Wallpaper works

Image via


Prefer to keep clutter out and your decor to a minimum? Then let your walls make your design dazzle through the use of geometric wallpaper.

A lively design like this one will make your home all kinds of warm and inviting without crowding it.

And these days there are a ton of different patterns on easily-removed wallpaper, so you can play with ‘em without making a big commitment.

Bold bedding

Image via Finnish Design Shop


Your bedding is essentially the centerpiece of your bedroom so it carries a lot of stylish weight, which makes it perfect for trying on this trend. And it can also easily be substituted for when the mood strikes for something new.

Bold bedding in a print similar to this one is really all the decor you need to make your style sing, and it’ll do so without encroaching on your precious square footage.

Funky furniture

Image via Eve Wilson

Think patterned furniture would be too busy for the subtle design that you’re after? Think again. In actuality, a little lively furniture just might be what your simple style is missing.

Adding a statement piece, like this gorgeous chair, will contribute depth to your design without any chaos-inducing clutter, making it a no-fuss solution to achieving a high-end minimalist style.

Geometric tile

Image via

Tile is getting all sorts of modern makeovers lately, and we couldn’t be happier about it. We’re seeing grout in candy-coated colours, iridescent ceramic finishes, and, of course, plenty of geometric backsplashes.

But don’t think this tile trend needs to be restricted to the kitchen backsplash; your bathroom floors and walls are prime targets for making a trendy splash with this stylish idea, which will instantly freshen up your look.

Wall art

Image via Knot Magazine

If you’re an art lover, then you probably already know how much potential this trend holds when it comes to taking your look to the next level. But if not, let us be the ones to tell you that it’s a whole lot.

You can opt for a few prints, or take advantage of the 3-D feel of geometric patterns and try out a piece like this on your wall. It’ll elevate your space’s impact at the same time it adds a dose of creativity.

Patterned planters

Image via Notey

We love the power of plants to add dimension to a design. Not only do the plants themselves enhance a look, but the vessels that house them are full of decor potential.

Try some geometric planters to showcase your greenery with an added touch of style that’s as timeless as it is trendy. Not to mention, you’ll be breathing cleaner air day in and day out.

Geometric rug

Image via Amber Interior Design

Rugs have a knack for setting the tone of an entire space while contributing a comfortable layer of cozy. So, kill two design birds with one stone by warming up your aesthetic with a geometric rug.

You can opt for a subtle design like this one, or go bright and bold with stronger lines. Either way, your home will be happier for it and no more cluttered.

Kelly Weimert

Kelly Weimert

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