The Friluftsliv Trend:
Bringing The Great Outdoors Inside

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Charlotte Grainger
December 3, 2017

Bringing a little slice of lifestyle bliss into our homes is the very least we can do. After all, if your home is your palace, you need to make sure that it truly looks like one.

Of course, there has been a wealth of home decor 2017 trends already. We’ve been cuddling up with blankets and enjoyed some hygge. We’ve stripped back our interior design for a minimal lagom experience. So, what on earth is next? Well, the latest trend is all about getting au naturel.

Say hello to friluftsliv — the latest Scandi decor style that you’re 100% going to want to hear about. Building on the idea of lagom and keeping things minimal, this fashion looks at how we can embrace the great outdoors. If that sounds ideal, here are a few things you may want to try for yourself.


Include Flora In Your Home

Needless to say, one of the obvious ways to bring the outdoors inside is to literally put some flora in your home. In a Scandi decor, minimal home, this can often be easier said than done. After all, the plain and simple look is decor that never goes out of style. Still, when done well, you can tie the whole trend together in a neat package.



In a space that’s largely dictated by raw elements — wood and brick — you have the chance to really let some houseplants shake things up. These little ornaments add a splash of colour to any room in an instant. Since you don’t want things to look overcrowded, be sure to keep the colour palette fairly neutral. For example, black and brown will work well in a plain yet chic space like this one from Vintage Industrial Style.

Choosing deep, dark plants means that the whole look is speaking the same language. Remember, the higher you put these pieces, the better they will look in the room.



Alternatively, you could make sure that another aspect of the space takes centre stage. For example, here you can see that the large frame of the room divider is the most eye-catching part of this room from KME Homes. However, including a small piece of greenery just offset by that will make all the difference. This is set to be one of the main 2017 home trends, and so you don’t want to miss out.



Should you have the luxury of a larger, more open space, you need to take advantage of it as best you can. That means using the free areas you have as plant spots like this example from KME Homes. You should play around  a tad with various heights and styles here. That way, it will complement your Scandi decor without looking too kitsch.


Feature Large Window Places

Here’s one for all the keen gardeners out there. Since we’re not lucky enough to have glorious weather all year around here in the UK, you may need to get creative. As an idea, you could use a large window setting as a feature in any room within your home.

To get this uber chic home decor 2017 trend just right, you must ensure that you have a whole load of greenery outside. The idea is that the trees and plants are towering over the space and peering in at your home. Let’s take a look at a few examples.



Your dining area is a great place to start when it comes to this home decor 2017 trend. There’s nothing quite like enjoying a family meal while being surrounded by all the joys of nature. Including an entire wall made of glass is an extreme way today homage here, but as you can see from House Beautiful, the effect is as dramatic as it is gorgeous. It’s worth considering. Be certain to keep everything fairly plain inside so that the window speaks for itself.



On the other hand, you may wish to get a little creative with your window space. It goes without saying that some rooms are awkwardly shaped and don’t allow for a large fitting. Should that be the case, you could find a different way to make your mark on the room. Having a split window, such as the one here from Homes to Love, will add intrigue to the space while also ensuring that it looks awe-inspiring. Plus, all that natural light is certain to lift the mood.



While the other two examples looked at modern fittings, there’s no reason that you can’t make the most of a traditional window here. If you have an older home, you may want to work with the original windows to create something of a masterpiece. As Scandi decor dictates, you will want to keep things neutral in the room here. Just make sure that the window is the main attraction. Everything else needs to be muted so that it gets the attention it deserves, like this example from Sacramento Street.



Embrace The Great Outdoors

We’ve previously talked about bringing the great outdoors into your home, but why not switch things up a little. It’s never too early to start planning for summer 2018. (Spoiler: it will be here before you know it!) One of the greatest ways you can embrace the whole friluftsliv vibe is by making the most of the outside space that you currently have.

There are an array of ways in which you could interpret this, but let’s keep things relatively simple. Creating a patio or outdoor space where you can relax and enjoy yourself is key. The core idea is that this area should reflect your interior design style and work in sync with what you have in your home.



Creating a little coverage here may be a wise decision. Not only will this keep the area dry and secure, but it also gives the impression of a separate area. That in itself is key. When it comes to furnishings, you very much want to mimic what you have in your own home. That way, you will see that there’s a level of fluidity as you move from your indoor rooms to the garden like here from Gardenista.



If you have a dedicated corner like this one from Gardening Take, this can become a room in itself. Make sure that you get some Scandi decor that suits the outdoors here. That way, you can be certain that the whole aesthetic will work. You may wish to throw in a few lighting pieces for a little creativity too. The truth is that the more you’re willing to work in this space, the better it will look. Go ahead — put your mark on it.



As the very idea of friluftsliv is all about working with nature and using it rather than trying to hide it, you’re certain to love this idea. Including a wonderful water feature like this one from ACHICA in your outdoor space will make all the difference. Not only is this a talking point, but it can become the main focus of the whole area.

Now, contrary to popular belief, water features don’t have to be over the top. Instead, they can be simple and minimal. A small area of water in a space adds something truly special. It’s worth thinking about.


Include Some Natural Wood

Think rustic tree trunks and gorgeously untouched wood. That’s the aesthetic style we’re going for here. Now, Scandi decor does leave some room for this style, but you need to use it sparingly. Chucking a whole load of wood into the mix could look a tad overbearing and that’s not what anybody needs.

So, when it comes to this home decor 2017 style, you need to keep things as simple as you can. A wooden table here; a rustic chair there… That should do the trick. You may wish to play around with a few items before you figure out what’s right for your home.



An otherwise plain space can really benefit from the depth that wood brings. Setting off a chic wall display against a smaller, lower wooden table could be the way to go. Notice that each of the woods here from Elle complement one another. They mimic the same effects and styles, although they are not identical in tone. That’s just the type of miss-matched chic interior you want to aim for.



In a more modern setting, opting for some light wooden pieces could be key. Keeping things calm and muted means that you will have decor that never goes out of style. Be picky when it comes to choosing your pieces here. You don’t want anything that’s too large or bulky. Instead, opt for pieces that are unassuming and, well, small. That way, you can be sure that they will work like this example from Drom Living.



As we have seen time and time again, less can truly be more. You don’t want a cluttered environment. That’s why choosing one statement piece, rather than an array of smaller pieces, may be the way to go. One of the major 2017 home trends we’ve seen is that of striking art pieces. These are included here too from Haley Kassab. However, the main focus rests on the large, low table piece. It’s more than enough to make the room a place where everyone wants to be.


Create a Decorative Wall

Bringing flora into your home can be something of a risk, at the best of times. Many people worry about how exactly this look will turn out and end up avoiding it altogether. Well, there is another option that is sure to please those of you who are simply less than daring in this particular department.

Why not consider confining your plants to one area of your wall? Doing so can make a handsome display and will mean that you get just enough to make a statement without it taking over the space. There are many ways to go here — from ultra chic to natural — so let’s take the time to explore our options.



Geometric shelving is one of those 2017 home trends that we can’t see going anywhere anytime soon. So, why not take the chance to combine it with the essence of friluftsliv? Since the eyes will naturally be drawn to this area, you should do all you can to take full advantage of the situation. Picking a few choice plants for the area could be just the thing. Be sure not to overload the shelves, but keep things light, airy, and unfussy like this example from KaeKoo.



Similarly, you could use a geometric framework like this one from Industry Standard Design to tame a hanging or crawling plant. Having some greenery in this confined space means that you avoid the bohemian cliche and opt for something stylish instead. Scandi decor doesn’t tend to work well with overgrown elements, but this twist could be the answer you’ve been looking for. What’s more, choosing a metallic finish on the frame means that the whole look is smart and sophisticated.



Arguably, windows were made for planters. Of course, there are very few of us who like the old, tried and tested look of a plant pot. It’s messy and screams anything but chic. However, a completely white affair has a whole different vibe to it. It might be worth trying to juxtaposition the blank colour against some lively greenery here, like this example from Diana Mieczan. So long as there’s nothing else vying for attention, it’s certain to look remarkable.



Open Up Your Living Space

Finally, one of the greatest benefits of the outdoors is the openness of its space. This is something that you may well be able to mimic inside your own home. Combining a few of the biggest 2017 home trends with the notion of space and open rooms will make an incredible home in which to live.

Of course, you can only truly pull this off if you have a large home. However, if you’re working with a smaller space, you could give the illusion of this effect just by decluttering. Here are some examples of how this trend works oh-so-well.



When some people see long, empty spaces, their instinct is to fill them up with tickets, needless furnishings, and the like. Don’t do it. The best thing you can do with an area like this one from Newcastle Design is make the most of it. Enjoy it. That means that you shouldn’t clutter it with an excess of ‘stuff’. Keep it tidy and keep the things here minimal. Doing so makes a striking overall effect. Brilliant.



Here’s a room from Arch Daily that aptly combines many of the above trends we have looked at. From raw wood and a large window to an excess of space, there’s hardly any faulting this room. In ensuring that the colours are understated and seemingly natural, you can show off a space to its full potential. This room just looks so very large and spacious, it’s hard not to fall in love with it all at once.



Black and white is decor that never goes out of style. Much like our little black dresses, it just works, no matter what the occasion. This Scandi decor room from Love Daily Dose is uncomplicated and makes the most of the space available. The open-plan style of the space means that it gives the illusion of looking larger and freer than it is. Plus, the alternative style ceiling is shown off in a sheer and dramatic way. There’s no other way to describe it — it’s breathtaking.


Charlotte Grainger

Charlotte Grainger

Charlotte is a freelance writer living in Sheffield, UK. Her interests include gender issues, kittens and the Gilmore Girls. In her spare time, she also writes poetry and drinks copious amounts of red wine and coffee.