How to Integrate the Floral Pattern
Trend Into a Pared-Back Space

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Kelly Weimert
November 26, 2017

Little delights us more than discovering the latest trends and colour stories that are making their way into the interior design scene. And with the new year being right around the corner, there are a ton of new ideas to explore and plenty of inspiration to be found.

But, of course, not every interior trend is easy to integrate, even if you’ve fallen madly in love with it. Those who subscribe to a minimalist aesthetic like we do tend to have an even harder time than others incorporating new ideas because it doesn’t take much to compromise the pared-back style of a minimal space.

Among the most prominent interior trend challenges we’ve been tackling lately is the ever-popular floral pattern trend. From floral textiles to flowery artwork to greenery-inspired wallpaper, Mother Nature is infiltrating homes far and wide, but incorporating the vivacious pattern into a subdued space requires a little extra thought and care.

The below tips will help you make the most of this cheerful trend without sacrificing your simple style sensibilities.


1. Don’t Take it Too Literally

Just because real life flowers are bursting with color doesn’t mean the ones you add to your household need to be. Rather than add a busy and bold floral pattern, consider the power of simple and subdued prints and neutral colours, like black and white, to make a trendy impression.

As you can see in this lovely shot from Pernille Folcarelli, a gallery wall featuring prints like these doesn’t look at all overwhelming; quite the opposite, in fact. Simple silhouettes and pared-back floral designs will beautifully complement a minimalist aesthetic, even when abundantly added in the form of a gallery wall.


2. But Also, Take it Literally

Image via Transformation for Interiors

We know we just contradicted ourselves here, but killer interior design is all about playing with different rules. And just as a non-literal approach to this trend can enhance your design, so, too, can taking it very literally with fresh flowers.

This attractive spray of greenery against a gray colour palette infuses all kinds of literal and figurative life into the design. The quiet, gray monochrome scheme means that just a few colourful flowers is all that’s needed to completely uplift the look.


3. Make a Striking Statement With Art

Image via Travelitedogramp

Incorporating this trend via a select piece of statement art will add movement and visual intrigue without encroaching on your style or your square footage. Just make sure that it makes sense with the rest of your colour story.

Here, the floral artwork works so well because it flawlessly draws out the tangerine accents found in the rug and throw blanket while complementing the green upholstered armchair. Meanwhile, the neutral backdrop of the print softens the design with just the right amount of warmth.



4. Find Floral Throws

Image via Azullago

If you’re someone who subscribes to a simple yet boldly colourful interior style, don’t think that you need to bypass this lively trend for fear of going overboard. You just need to make sure you integrate pieces that won’t compete with bold and bright hues, like the throw pillows found here.

Floral throws featuring basic patterns and quiet colours will bring texture and intrigue to a colourful look without overwhelming it. Bonus points if you pick up a pair with slightly different patterns to add an additional layer of dynamic visual interest.


5. Create a Mother Nature-Inspired Accent Wall

Image via The Ultra Linx

Okay, we know that at first thought an entire wall filled with a vibrant pattern might not seem conducive to a minimalist aesthetic, but as you can see from this image, it’s every bit doable as long as you have the right styling in place.

The beauty of making a statement like this is that it nearly eliminates the need for additional decorations. Instead of added decor, consider opting for a wallpaper pattern that features different shades of the same colour and then incorporate that colour into a select few accents to create a cohesive design.


6. Skip the Accent and Cover the Whole Room

Image via One Frazzled Mum

Now that we’ve hopefully opened you up to the idea of adding Mother Nature to one wall, consider the power of organic-printed wallpaper all over the room. If executed correctly, this approach can significantly enhance the ambiance of your pared-back space while giving it a warm, inviting feeling.

The key to making this idea work is found in the hue and pattern you choose. Your best bet is to opt for a quiet, all-over neutral and pair it with a similarly subdued pattern. Think leafy silhouettes, textural vines, and swirls of plant life rather than big realistic flowers and bright or contrasting colours.


7. Give Your Windows Some Floral Love

Image via SF Girl by the Bay

One of the few drawbacks of a simplistic design is that it runs the risk of leaning a bit too cool and sterile. Adding lightly floral window treatments to the mix will not only freshen up your space with a hot trend, but it will also round out your design with a sense of uplifting warmth.

Just make sure that the pattern and material you choose lean much more toward light and breezy than dark and heavy. The latter can significantly drag down a minimal design while the former will make it feel airy and expansive. This is also a great opportunity to add a pop of colour to a white-dominant interior.


Kelly Weimert

Kelly Weimert

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