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If you're all about mixing old and new, East and West, showy and quiet, and you love the idea of your home decor being a curation of your personality, this is the style for you.

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Amber Moore
June 16, 2017


Before you start buying furniture for your eclectic home, you need to establish at least a rough structural theme and stick with it. Try not to stray across too many themes, e.g. if you have lots of contemporary square furniture, you should try to include square accessories so they tie in seamlessly.


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One of the biggest mistakes made when decorating a eclectic home is trying to give each room a different theme. You want to create a flow throughout the rooms so that your home gives off one clear vibe rather than lots of mixed messages.

You can do this by picking a few styles from a few eras and featuring only them consistently throughout the home – you don’t want a mishmash of every style ever!


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Colour schemes

In an eclectic home, you need to pick one base colour and stick to it throughout the entire house. This tends to be all white, neutral colour or soft hues. These are inoffensive and when used on the walls, subtly make your room feel bigger and more open which may be necessary if you’re introducing multiple themes in the furniture.


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Eclectic décor allows you to bring in multiple bright colours without it looking tacky. You can layer different colours and patterns without it being too much via rugs and throw cushions. Be careful to not overdo it – you don’t want it looking like an explosion in a paint factory! Try to think about how the colours will complement each other.


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You can also introduce colour by creating an accent wall that will provide the perfect focal point for the room. This accent colour can then be integrated into the furniture and accessories as well.


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In an eclectic home, you can get away with choosing mismatched furniture, but you don’t want it to look like a free-for-all. You should try to get somewhat similar furniture, such as dining chairs that are all the same size. These subtle differences in the furniture will add a quirky edge to your home. This also gives you the perfect opportunity to dust off your DIY skills and do some upcycling.


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You should layer textures such as matte against shiny or rugs on a hardwood floor. This adds more depth to your décor, creating a more aesthetically stimulating room without it being an assault on your senses.


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It is very important to not have each element of the room fighting for your attention, so be sure to keep your backdrop simple if you have vibrant furniture. You want to allow your alternative furniture that doesn’t quite fit in to be the centre of attention. BUT, don’t include too many of these statement pieces as your home will end up looking less stylish bohemian and more awkward flea market.


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Sometimes with the eclectic style, comes lots of “stuff” such as a multitude of accessories. This is not useful in rooms like your home office, where all this “stuff” will be distracting. In a good working environment, you need a clear space for a clear mind, so think more along the minimalism lines.



As with every other element in an eclectic home, the art is a mix of many different styles. You can really show off your wide range of pieces in a gallery wall, where they can all be tied into one piece with similar frames. Or alternatively, you can keep the same style of artwork, but have frames from various eras and styles for that eclectic feel.


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Your artwork can be your inspiration for your colour palette in the room and match the bright accent colours featured in your décor. It can also inspire patterns to be included – they may be contrasting, but again be careful that they don’t clash.


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Eclectic lighting can really be any sort of lighting that suits you, as is the nature of eclectic décor. It’s another place to really let your personality shine through your home decor.


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For eclectic accessories, you can create a vignette as a focal point where you can display whatever accessories express who you are.

As trial and error are a big part of finding what works in this style, particularly with the accessories, you should experiment with what works in your space before making a final decision. This is easy with accessories on a vignette as they are a quick-fix, should they not work well.


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With the understated walls and furniture often chosen in this décor, the excitement comes from the accessories. That said, you don’t want to overdo them as you will risk your home looking cluttered and disorganised. Sometimes simple is best!


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