Contemporary Watercolour Interiors
& How to Use Them In Your Home

Watercolour interior colour schemes are the next big thing and, frankly, we can't get enough of them. If you're ready to give your home a much needed splash of fresh colour, you've come to the right place. Here's everything you need to know about this latest trend.

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Charlotte Grainger
March 22, 2017

The artistic watercolour style

Think about it. What image does the word ‘watercolour’ conjure in your mind? That’s right – fine art.

Luckily, this 2017 home colour trend will allow you to unleash your creativity. The addition of a masterpiece feature in an otherwise minimal house is enough to completely revamp the space.

What’s more, there’s a whole bunch of artistic, yet understated options you may wish to include.

If you need a little design inspiration, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at these beauties.


Image via Pinterest


Aside from watercolours, florals are a massive interior design trend at the moment. So, why not take this unique opportunity to combine the two trends in one stunning package?

The large, bold design of these flowers is cleverly toned down with the use of muted pastel colours. While it’s a daring decor move, it delicately complements the rest of the space.

This playful, yet elegant floral design is ideal for a bedroom space. Plus, the use of similar tones in the rest of the room’s decor underpin the entire look with ease.


Image via Pinterest


Now, don’t panic. Creating a look like this one doesn’t take as much artistic flair as you may first imagine. No, you can ‘cheat’ your way to style perfection in no time at all.

Painting luscious watercolour designs with the use of some handy stencils means that you’ll get a uniform, fluid look every time. Be sure to pick interior colour schemes that work with the rest of your home before you begin.


Image via Pinterest


While we’re on the subject of colour scheme ideas, it’s well worth pushing your limits here. Don’t be afraid to mix and match bold colours and designs.

Of course, you don’t want the space to look ‘busy’, but bursts of sharp tones cut through muted room schemes beautifully. You can create a rather fabulous looking space in no time.

The truth is that painting colour schemes needn’t align to one style. Have the sheer audacity to be different – it will pay off.


Image via Pinterest


Be warned, this last aesthetic is tricky to achieve. However, when done well, it can create a jaw-dropping effect.

Consider using your interior design colour schemes to create something of a whimsical masterpiece. Again, you can cheat here and use stencils to achieve this look.

The murky, moody vision here is as alluring as it is attractive. Yet, the bold look, offset against minimal furnishings, ties the whole room style together.


Stormy wall murals

There’s nothing more compelling than a mysterious storm scape. In the art world, these designs are used to great effect, but why not try some in your own abode?

If you’ve a little creative flair, you can easily opt for one of these rich colour scheme ideas. Here are some uniquely genius examples.


Image via Inky Hues


While dominating an entire feature wall in this style may be a tad over the top, there are ways in which you can tip your hat to this style.

First, you’ll want to ensure that your painting colour schemes convey that rich, dark stormy vibe. Deep blues, greens, greys, and even blacks work well.


Image via Pinterest


The shading and combining of colour tones here is just exquisite. It truly is a piece of modern-day art.

The features within the room too complement the style of the wall. As you will likely notice here, the designer has picked out accents from the paint in the furnishings.

Take note, for example, of the bright greenery chair, which mimics the undertones in the paintwork. When it comes to your colour scheme ideas, it’s these minute features that really do make all the difference.


Image via Pinterest


Oh, and you honestly don’t have to confine yourself to the notion of a storm scape. If you’ve a penchant for something a little more colourfully abstract, express it right here, right now.

This pink stormy aesthetic may take inspiration from the original trend, but the designer has added a unique twist. In using pastel tones, they’ve managed to create a look like no other.

Before settling on a design, be certain to take a look at your array of options. You may well be overlooking something that could be spectacular.


The ombre style

If you’re looking for a trend with a world of potential, consider the ombre style of watercolour. This is one of the most flattering colour scheme ideas for any space.

It really can open up the room.

So, why does it work so well? Well, the reason is simple. It allows you to include the fad without having it command too much space.


Image via Stagetecture


You can afford to opt for rich, daringly dark colour tones when you use this style. Since you’ll be fading the paintwork out, it’s worth starting with a deep base tone.

Ombre is certain to be one of the main 2017 colour trends, and so getting on board now is a wise move. You don’t want to miss out!

Take this attractive and bold rouge design. The paintwork dwindles as it rises, creating a dashing look in any space.


Image via Career Girl Daily


Don’t be thrown by the grungy, abstract style of this particular design. When paired with a simplistic interior, it can fast become the centrepiece of your room.

The deep, lavish tones here are complemented by the sheer while of the upper wall scape. Notice that everything else in the space is unfussy and doesn’t demand your eye’s attention.


Image via Pinterest


How you merge the watercolour design is entirely up to you. While a slow fade is popular, you may wish to go for a block-colour look instead.

For example, this pink block ombre effect is enough to add a splash of colour and light to any room. It’s one of those intense painting colour schemes that simply looks complete.

Here, your eyes are swiftly drawn to the sharp pop of pink in the floor lamp. In choosing the same tone for this feature piece, the designer has created a coherent and chic style.


Image via Murals Wallpaper


And, if neither of the above styles appeal, there’s a more than happy medium you may wish to strike.

This blue mesh design is a completely contemporary style that we’re seeing more and more in modern homes decor. The blotted paintwork creates an original, crisp look.

While the fade-work here is a little crude, it adds a new dimension to the style. Things don’t have to be prim and perfect – sometimes, they can just be.

The abstract effect

Now, your colour scheme ideas don’t have to conform to a particular print or even style. Instead, the abstract look (which is reminiscent of modern art) may work well in your home.

As the name heavily suggests, there are really no rules when it comes to achieving this look. It’s simply time to let your creative flow go wild and have a little fun with your interiors.


Image via Pinterest


The use of rainbow colours in one of the rooms in your home may sound like a recipe for disaster. It really doesn’t have to be.

This blotted style of paintwork lends itself perfectly to even the most varied colour scheme ideas. As you can plainly see, there are many conflicting tones here, and yet they work.

So, what’s the secret? It’s pretty simple – transparency. Since the paint fades to clear in patches, it’s never once overwhelming.


Image via Telegraph


And now for something totally unique. If not a blotted effect, why not try this incredible ink stain style?

The wall is completely captivating and allows you to get lost in a world of abstract art. And therein lies its genius.

Of course, this style is quite overbearing, so you must consider the tone of the rest of the space before choosing it.


Image via Murals Wallpaper


At first glance, this patch abstract design may look like nothing special. But, wait. Look a little closer.

The intricacy of this design is what makes it so intriguing. It’s one that’s taken a great deal of mastery, and that’s clear when you pay close attention to it.

The mimicked marble trend

Marble is making a serious comeback this year and we couldn’t be more pleased. This sophisticated material is just brimming with interior design style and sophistication.

If you want an alternative to adorning your home in marble, try this. You can trim your watercolour shading to create a unique marble effect that’s both modern and attractive.


Image via Home Decor


If you don’t have the time or energy to paint an entire wall in this style, here’s a little hack that can give you similar results.

Investing in a mural watercolour piece is a straightforward and cost effective way to pay homage to this trend.

Of course, since its en vogue, there’s a whole range of prints and canvases on the market right now. This visual effect is much the same as a feature wall (and at a fraction of the effort).


Image via Dear Designer’s Blog


If you have time, energy, and finances to create a dramatic effect in your home, this idea may be just the thing. A full marble effect wall is a real statement piece.

When thinking of colour scheme ideas, why not go traditional in your style? Green, beige, and white simply create an authentic marble aesthetic.

The layered paintwork here looks nigh identical to a marbled wall – only less gaudy in tone and atmosphere.


Marble bedroom feature wall|Bedroom watercolour scapes|||||||||||||||||||||||||||
Image via The Life Creative


Finally, if your home’s walls lend themselves to mural pieces, here’s a little inspiration for you. This cascading blue watercolour effect will blow you and your guests away.

It just works. Digressing a little from traditional marble, the design still holds onto the features of the material.

The designer here has confined the look to a small space, ensuring that it’s not overpowering or too ‘busy’. Remarkable.


Big block watercolours

Is your home in need of a complete style overhaul? Then this next trend may be the one for you.

Painting an entire wall, or, indeed, room in the water colour style is the finest way to include it in your home. There are oodles of interior design colour schemes which will work with this style.

If you’re not sure where to begin, take a look at some of these exceptional examples just here.


Image via Est Living


You can achieve a somewhat rustic look in on swift step when you include this design in your home. The textured feel of the paint is enough to do the trick.

The intense colour here lends itself perfectly to wide open room scapes. It’s crucial that you choose an area with ample space before you begin.


Image via Heart Home Mag


Similarly, the very same tone can be muted down to suit a hallway or even a home office. Just take a look at this beautifully together example.

Again, it really is the textured style of the paintwork here that completes the look. You could gaze into its depths for hours on end.


Image via Pinterest


In central rooms, such as dining areas and the like, creating a feature wall could be the key to the overall style.

Notice how, in the above example, the rest of the room is plain. This style is positively minimal and scarce.

Then, to the right, there’s this massive splash of colour and creativity, confined to just one area. The paint bleeds freely into an array and mesh of colours. A true masterpiece.


Image via Pinterest


As if that wasn’t enough inspiration for you, this final example of block watercolours is truly imaginative.

The designer here has taken inspiration from a romantic beach scape, letting the colours and tones pay tribute to that. The stripes of watercolour blend perfectly for an understated, yet gorgeous aesthetic.


Simple watercolour accents

Lastly, let’s take a quick look at how you may wish to include a mere splash of this trend in your home.

Using a feature or accent piece in any space can be enough to completely revitalise the room. Here’s just what you need to know.


Image via Awin 1


In perhaps the boldest of all the examples here, the designer has truly dared to be different in this look.

The ultra crisp white home scape provides the perfect blank canvas for any piece of art. Hence, the designer has used that to their advantage.

Including a large deep black watercolour design may seem a little out there, but in this case, it works to create a super modern look.


Image via Pinterest


Rather than going all the way and completely embracing this look, you may wish to add just a hint of it to an otherwise plain wall.

Here, the soft and subtle design creeps up the wall space unassumingly. It demands nothing from you.

Adding these chic little slithers of colour to your home may be just what it needs for a new look. Plus, they really do take minimal effort.


Image via Pinterest


On the flip side of that, take a look at this block of colour used sparingly. You can afford to layer the colour in quite a harsh manner, when you’re decoding only a small space.

The haphazard nature of this aesthetic exudes artistic and rustic charm. Should you have a minimal style home, it’s well worth dabbling in this style.

And remember, your home is unique to you so whatever feels right in your space, is right. Express yourself and your home will do the rest.


Charlotte Grainger

Charlotte Grainger

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