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Guide for 2017

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Lara Moore
September 14, 2017

Nordic City

Autumn Interiors Trends 2017: Industrial Living


The focus here is on industrial materials. Perforated metal, structural paint, concrete, iridescent surfaces, casted thick glass with mould marks and oxidised metallic.

The key is to think young and playful, yet raw and edgy. Walk around the city and explore hidden industrial areas and you’ll get a real feel for this trend.



Nordic Light

Autumn Interiors Trends 2017: Light Scandinavian Interiors


This trend stems from Japanese simplicity, combining the clean lines we love from Scandinavian design, merged with the minimalist yet exclusive Japanese style.

You can expect wicker details in rattan, light wooden frames, brass and gold, and marble.

Nordic Warm

Autumn Interiors Trends 2017: Warm Scandinavian Interiors


This trend will take you back to the 70’s. Extravagant and playful, we’re talking lush textiles, curvy forms, brown and red marble, and plenty of dark wood.

It’s all about luxury – this style screams total decadence.



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Lara Moore


Lara Moore


Lara is the Co-Founder of Nyde and has always liked 'pretty things', which naturally lead to her obsession with all things interiors. She loves a clean, minimalist aesthetic, which lends itself well to Scandinavian interiors – something she regularly takes a lot of inspiration from.